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Between Lives Spiritual Regression

This uses deep hypnosis to guide a client beyond a past life and into what appears to be soul memories between lives. This sort of regression has been developed by many pioneers from 1980’s including Joel Whitton, Helen Wambach, Delores Cannon, Michael Newton, and more recently Andy Tomlinson the founder of the Past Life Regression Academy. This is covered in his book Exploring the Eternal Soul – Insights from the Life Between Lives.

Following a past life death clients often talk about being welcomed by deceased friends or family and receiving healing to shed the denser emotions and energies associated with the physical world to allow them to re-enter the higher frequency vibrations of the spirit realm. Spirit Guides and Teachers review the past life. The only judgment in this review comes from the client themselves, because at a soul level all their actions and intentions are laid bare. At some point a soul group is encountered. These are souls working closely together over many lives. Reuniting with them is often described as profoundly moving and being 'home'.

At some point their is a meeting with spirits of light that have attained a level of experience and wisdom that not does require physically reincarnation. They review the progress of the soul before them and can replay any of its past lives and discuss aspects until the soul understands what will be expected in the next life. Done with love, compassion and the participation of the soul it leads to the next physical incarnation having a purpose.

Spiritual and Therapeutic Benefits

The therapists help a client to understand at a deep level their soul purpose for this life.

It was an extremely profound experience. It put a lot of what I perceived as 'issues' into context and enabled me to have a look at the bigger picture of my life. It also touched me on an even deeper level. I feel re-connected, I know where I am, I know why I came, I know that the choices I make are perfect and I know that I am loved. V.P. Salisbury.

The whole experience was very special, totally amazing and very profound. I have a very positive attitude towards my future and life purpose and have been taking active steps to make changes in my life. W.P. London.

Why Therapists from this Site

All the therapists have graduated from the Past Life Regression Academy an organisation that has been teaching this type of regression internationally since 2005 and has established the highest professional standards.

The therapists have also been through the Academy Hypnosis and Regression Therapy training and built a wide range of skills that enable them to clear client emotional and energetic blocks that could stop entry to soul memories.

As part of the training program the therapists have worked on clearing their own personal issues that helps them work with love and sensitively to guide a client through the most important memories, those of their soul journey.

Earth is going through an enormous energetic shift and many unusual souls from other dimensions have incarnated to help bring about this change. The therapists have intuitive skills to handle unusual soul memory experiences like these.

State/County City Therapists


Buenos Aires Marcus Betz


Queensland Brisbane Tony Collins
Victoria Armadale Tania Dionisio
Western Australia Secret Harbour Nea Walters

Czech Republic

Bernadeta Hodkova


Tallinn Martin Langron


Arcachon Régis Legendre
Biarritz Bernadeta Hodkova
Monaco/Menton Kate Banks
Paris Kathy Gibbons
Paris Michèle Chouan


Lauterbach Marcus Betz
Munich Karin Maier-Heinle
  Munich Sheela Jaganathan-Zeidler


Delhi Delhi Neeta Sharma
  New Delhi Blossom Furtado
Maharashtra Mumbai Asis Ganguli
  Mumbai Jyotika Chhibber

Republic of Ireland

Co Dublin Dublin Barbara Jones
Co Dublin Dublin Kathy Gibbons
Co Galway Corofin Izabela Fouere


Varese Bel Rogers


  Kuala Lumpur Sheela Jaganathan-Zeidler

Mexico Mexico

  Doug Buckingham


  Bergen Trine Lise Stjernholm
  Hamar Laila Pedersen Krafft
  Kongsberg Gry Tone Hansen
  Oslo Lisbeth Lyngaas
  Oslo Marit Kjus Garden
  Oslo Unni Helen Soernes
  Porsgrunn Anne Bodil Rosvik
  Sponvika i Halden Alice Kjolerbakken


  Central Sheela Jaganathan-Zeidler
  East Peter Mack

South Africa South Africa

Cape Town Constantia Janet Homan
Cape Town Constantia Liesl Rohland
Cape Town Hout Bay Anthea Adamo


  Gothenburg Maj-Lis Lindahl
  Malmo Rebecca Schweder
  Stockholm Karin Danneker


  Geneva Tatjana Radovanovic Kchler
  Zürich Jacqueline Niggli


Cumbria Brampton Elen Clulow
Dorset Blandford Forum Marilyn Homer
Christchurch Reena Kumarasingham
Devon Barnstaple and Westward Ho Peter Blayney
Essex Buckhurst Hill Janet Treloar
Gloucestershire Gloucester Rebecca Macnaughton
Stroud Viki Margerum
Hertfordshire Hemel Hempstead Heather Walkley
  High Barnet Sue Renton
Hoddesdon Anjalee Carey
Isle of Wight East Cowes Kevin Haynes
London Central Lorraine Flaherty
  Central Wissam Awad
  East Doug Buckingham
  South West Barbara Minard
  South West Susie Shaw
  West Bridget Rattigan
Greater Manchester Manchester Tracey Robins
Norfolk Norwich Pauna Paunova
Oxfordshire Nr. Banbury Debbie Wild
Scotland Glasgow Jennifer Rose
  Glasgow Susan Lees
Somerset Bath/Norton St Philip Hazel Newton
Near Bridgwater Mike Durant
  Frome Liz Kozlowski
  Portishead Katherine Reynolds
Surrey Redhill Chris Hanson
Wales Cwmbran Linda Hopkins
Warwickshire Kenilworth Dave Graham
Upper Tysoe Debbie Wild
Wiltshire Calne Amuna Ra
West Swindon Janet Treloar
Yorkshire Leeds Alison Lord
Sheffield Trish Heenan
York Bel Rogers