Barbara Jones

Dublin, Rep of Ireland



Telephone: +353 87-22-77-956.

Barbara Jones

My name is Barbara Jones. I was born and work in Dublin, Ireland, and I have been privileged to have travelled widely to explore life fully, finding joy and passion in many things. Professional development and personal growth is what I have dedicated this part of my life too in order that I may help others to flourish.

I am a Spiritual Healer, drawing upon my professional qualifications: Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life /Current life Regression Therapy, Life Between Life Therapy (a Spiritual Regression Experience (LBL), HypnoBirthing (Mongan method), Crystal Healing Therapy, EDMR & Counselling, and Gastric Band Therapy.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I offer clients the tools to achieve their own sense of well being, inner peace and balance; allowing them to unlock the potential of their innate birthright.

Regression Therapy, or having one's own Life between Lives experience, can facilitate healing and ultimately transform a person's life. Nothing is ever lost. This is one of the fundamental principles of life. Both matter and energy continues to always exist, sometimes they just assume another form. Memories that are not normally conscious to us can be recalled through Regression. This allows us to discover and transform the origins of problems. An analogy is like having a thorn buried deep in the flesh - unless it's withdrawn it will continue to fester beneath the surface, continually causing discomfort.

Experience has shown that guided regressions can start a continuing healing process for body, mind and spirit which leads to more self-confidence, joy, freedom and peace of mind.

"You cannot go back to the start and create a new beginning, but you can start from now and create a new ending". All healing comes from within, whether it's on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. Many medical doctors such Dr Raymond Moody: A world renowned psychiatrist, lecturer, author and researcher, (his books Life after Life and Life Beyond) and Dr Brian Weiss (his book Many Lives, Many Masters) are recognising the value of Regression Therapy in helping their patients.

I would be honoured to be given the opportunity to assist you on your a way that is just right for you.